For the Times When Others Don’t Get It – A Letter to Special Needs Parents

Olaf cupcake

Olaf reminds us to “Let it Go.”

This inspired me greatly. So often we judge or fail to forgive. This letter reminds us to be kind and let go of our pent-up anger.

Here is a link: For the Times When Others Don’t Get It. Enjoy and pass on this wonderful letter.

Recovery in the Media: 71. Cinderella


This beautiful movie is one of my new favorites.

70. Cinderella

For months, I looked forward to the release of this movie although I worried a bit about how it might alter the story. With each preview, my worry decreased while my anticipation grew. The final product turned out to be beautiful beyond what I could have hoped for or imagined. Thus, it made perfect sense to feature it for Media Monday.

Synopsis: “Have courage and be kind.” Those are the last instructions that Ella’s mother gives to her young daughter before dying. This loss devastates the sweet girl, but at least her father remains a caring companion. Still, he longs for love again which his daughter readily encourages. Thus, Ella finds herself with a bitter stepmother who only wishes to further the lives of her two daughters. When Ella’s father also dies, the family loses money which forces Ella – or the newly named Cinderella – to become the maid for her stepsisters and stepmother. Still, she tries to continue clinging to her mother’s last words and example, hoping for something better in life. Continue reading

Bitterness Erodes Hope

Fear of Anger

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean. – Maya Angelou

Hope, although powerful, can be shattered by numerous events, feelings, and other things. Fear, disappointment, shame, abuse – there is a long list of ways we can lose our dreams and ability to see a brighter future.

One that I realized I am currently struggling with is bitterness. When you are bitter against a certain place, person, or group, you are unable to make a positive change. Instead, the negativity inside of you undermines your ability to be a symbol of hope.

Even worse than being bitter about a certain thing is being bitter about life in general. If you are cynical about everything and mad at the world, how can you have hope for positiveness? How can you love others and inspire change?

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Forgiving Myself for Missing a Post


The bridge at the pond near our house

Earlier today, I was prepared to start this post confident and skip the apology. However, my depression has kicked in majorly this evening which makes that more difficult. So I will say that I am more disappointed in myself  that at 1:00 AM this morning but still am granting myself grace.

Yesterday, no post was written for this blog.

I really intended to post one. Honestly, this is something that I will never forget. After a long day working four shifts, leading a university student event, attending several classes, going to play rehearsal, and engaging with others, my brain was shot. When a friend and I decided to study together, we ended up talking until past 1:00 AM. Let’s just say that I lost track of time and had no idea that the day had flown by without my blogging.

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Life’s Great Debate: Should I Let Them Know I am Angry?

Fear of Anger

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean. – Maya Angelou

Anger – that emotion elicits more fear in me than almost anything else in the world. Showing it to others terrifies me. Even admitting it to myself is a struggle.

Letting someone know that I am angry – perhaps even furious – with them…that is that most horrifying of all.

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Forgiving the Unforgivable

Through my recovery, I have uncovered great anger and hurt at people throughout my life, even those that I love and trust. Addressing this has been important as has standing up for myself. Finally acknowledging the pain starts the healing process.

However, a new problem has set in as I have struggled to forgive. In my heart, I know that it would be the right choice and long to do it. The pain and anger continues to throb inside, however, as I still hold onto a seed of bitterness.

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One Thousand Thanks: 692 – 702. Difficult but Empowering Interactions

Me standing in a tree

You can be strong but sway in the breeze like a tree.

On Tuesday, I went to see my old therapist who I had not seen since early December. Our last session was very painful, and because of that, I never wanted to return to her. You can read part one of that story and part two in my previous posts. Anyway, our talk was anxiety-producing and emotional but good for the most part. I do not know if I am ready to see her regularly and rather doubt it. Mending the relationship and hearing her response was extremely healing.

Looking back over the past year, I can see my growth in facing scary social situations where I had to learn to be honest and stand up for myself. Although these experiences were difficult, they forced me to grow stronger. Plus, many taught me that my “rude honesty” or “selfish behavior” was simply normal assertiveness. People responded extremely well overall. Funny how you make yourself so scared of something that turns out to be fine.

So for Thankfulness Thursday, I am going to look at these situations as well as the benefits that arose from them. Please leave a comment to tell me what you have learned from confrontations or honest interactions that you were nervous about but still did. I would love to hear about your inspiring (or disastrous) moments.

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Everyone Struggles Even Bullies

Last night, my co-worker and I were discussing how her ten-year-old son is being bullied at school. Hearing about such young children with great sensitivity being treated unkindly brings back horrible memories. I am thankful to my parents for homeschooling me because my experience with teasing could have been much worse. Still, the cruel way that some kids treat others breaks my heart.

One of the hardest parts is that many of those bullies are suffering too. Few kids are mean naturally, in my experience. Some are hurt by their parents while others have been teased themselves and are trying to protect themselves. One child might have a behavioral disorder and another is struggling to understand with a sibling died. Whatever the case, bullying others is still wrong. Yet, realizing the pain of even the unkindest of people is important.  This video really touched me and validated my views.

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Ten Things Not to Say to Someone with PTSD

Me with wax figure of Moriarty

Ten Things Not to Say to Someone with PTSD

Think of the most awful event in your whole life. Then imagine reliving that time and time again while feeling powerless to stop. Your heart rate quickens, thoughts race, and breathing begins to race as your body begins the fight or flight response.

This is an example of how someone with PTSD might feel when triggered. Every person responds differently, but there are some common factors for all who suffer from this disorder. Although logically in a safe place, this person feels the panic and vulnerability from a past experience. Physical sensations accompany mental terror which makes this type of anxiety difficult to face alone.

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Recovery in the Media: #42. Tenth Avenue North

This band deals with the topic great suffering and shows hope for a bright future.

This band deals with the topic great suffering and shows hope for a bright future.

42. Selected Tenth Avenue North Songs

My mother and I sometimes exchange uplifting songs. Hearing the inspiring music helps, but being sent a video that tells a similar story is even better. One of my favorite songs that she sent me was “You are More” by Tenth Avenue North. Plus, a good friend Jess loved to write quotes and lyrics. Since this was one of her favorite songs, it always reminds me of her. Because of the depth of “You are More” and how it speaks about pain, I decided to find more songs from Tenth Avenue North for Media Monday. They are a Christian group, but their lyrics will touch people from all faiths and beliefs.

Selected Songs:

    • “You are More” from their The Light Meets the Dark album
    • “Worn” from their The Struggle album
    • “Let It Go” from their Over and Underneath album
    • “Healing Begins” from their The Light Meets the Dark album
    • “Losing” from their The Struggle album

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