The Mystery of the Past Two Valentine’s Days

Valentine's Day Teddy

My wonderful Valentine’s Day gift from Christine

Sleep still in my eyes, I wandered into the living room this morning. Staring me down from the couch was a huge, fluffy teddy bear.

“Must be for one of my roommates,” I figured before snuggling onto another side of the couch with my cereal.

Heading out the door, my lovely roommate handed me a card. “Someone at work left this and the bear for you.”

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Letter from a Support Person

My father and my sister Maria years ago

My father and my sister Maria years ago

I recently received a beautiful comment on this blog. An anonymous support person wrote a letter that was much more powerful than anything I could write trying to understand that point of view. Thus, I wanted to share this letter from a family member or friend of a person struggling with mental illness. Hopefully, it will touch you as much as it impacted me.

Plus, if you ever have something that you want to bring to my attention or think that I should share, let me know in a comment. I cannot promise to always blog it. However, know that I am open to hearing your voice and what you would like to see more of on this blog.

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This Husband Passed Away But Arranged to Send His Wife Flowers Every Valentine’s Day

How beautiful is this? It is of all of the beautiful people in the world. As someone who loves to receive gifts (especially flowers as my coworkers now know), I loved this story. We all need people in our lives who care about us that much. Honestly, I think that would make the world a happier place.


A devoted husband took romance to an ethereal level on Valentine’s Day by sending his wife a bouquet of flowers from beyond the grave.

Jim Golay, from Casper, Wyo., was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor almost exactly one year ago. He wanted to make Valentine’s Day special for his wife but he knew he wasn’t going to be around for much longer, reports KCWY13.

So before he died, Golay hatched a plan with the local florists to send Shelley Golay a bouquet of flowers each Valentine’s Day for the rest of her life, just to remind her how much he loved her.

“He’s such an amazing man and he just can love beyond boundaries,” Shelley Golay said. “There is no boundaries with him, even in death. He’s just amazing.”

The flowers arrived two days before Valentine’s Day. When Shelley saw they were from her deceased husband, she phoned the…

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Coping Skills: #78. Give a Valentine

Flower heart

A flower heart that I left on the grave of J.R.R. Tolkien

Happy Valentine’s Day! For some people, this day is a special event that is planned for months ahead of time and greatly enjoyed each year. For others of us, this is simply another day to get up and feel lonely. In any case, this holiday brings a set of standards that are hard to live up to fully: have a romantic partner, look nice, spend the right amount of month, find a great gift, enjoy a great date or party, etc.

To get my mind off of the romantic aspect of this day, I focus on those that I love dearly and try to show them this. One way that I did it this year was by sending my mother Shari’s Berries. Hearing her joy and surprise was well worth the money and effort.

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Listaliciousness: Rainbow Surprises, Dancing Hats, and Big Eyes


Stream in the woods

Saying “I told you so” or gloating is not very kind. However, part of me feels like doing that in a non-malicious way. Just as I suspected, Into the Woods (which I just saw) was good but nowhere near as amazing as the stage production. There are some scripts that work better onstage than on film. That is simply how it is.

That being stated, I enjoyed seeing a movie again today. Yesterday, a bit of time was free which allowed me to go to a different show as you will see in my links. Read on to learn more about where I went and see the other things that interested me.

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One Thousand Thanks: 933 – 943. Christmas Time

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath on our house

Merry Christmas! I wish that I could give you each a gift. Your support as readers, followers, and commenters has been such a blessing to me this year. Honestly, that is one of the best presents that anyone could give me.

However, since there is currently no technology that allows me to send you a present through a computer screen, I will have to dedicate this post to all of you. As the day is Thursday, I am focusing on Christmas thankfulness. Please let me know what you are thankful for in regards to this season.

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Listaliciousness: Last-Minute Gifts, Mom Scolding, and Touching Apple Ad

Coffee shop

Customer service (like that at Cahoots Cafe) is hard but can be so rewarding.

Making customers smile at work to day by offering to help them unexpectedly reminded me why I love my job. Sure, there are many struggles. However, even a waitress can help make the world a better place by impacting others one by one.

Now that I am done with finals, work is picking up a bit. However, there is still time for my weekly links. Some are a bit funny while others focus on Christmas which is just around the corner! Hopefully, you enjoy them.

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Bringing Back the Childlike Holidays

Holidays can be a season of brightness and joy. However, for those with depression, this time of year can be overwhelming. Instead of feeling cheery, you simply have to force a smile on your face. Even for those without mental illness, Christmas may be a difficult time of year.

When did this shift from joy to hopelessness happen? For many children, this season is a magical time of year filled with treats, religious hope, presents, family, and fun in the snow. What changed as we grew up? Who or what stole away the mysterious, jubilant, fascinating nature of Christmas?

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One Thousand Thanks: 900 – 910. Gifts Given

My cat Princess sleeping

Princess was one of the best gifts I ever received.

If you have ever heard of the five love languages, you know how you best receive and give love. Mine are gifts and words of affirmation. Thus, Christmas is a wondrous (if expensive) time of year for me. Creating or shopping for presents brings a joy that few other things can.

Today, I began to do my shopping. Hopefully – based on my budget – the presents are mostly bought. However, there is more that I need to get at some point. Anyway, it seemed like now would be a great time for a list of presents I have given that I am thankful for as well as why gifting is such a wonderful activity.

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Coping Skills: #65. Shopping

One Thousand Thanks: 388 - 398. Shopping Scores

Goodwill is one of my favorite places to find bargains.

This week, after putting off my grocery list for too long, I finally went to several stores. My needs were not to many, but the trip encompassed three different shops and took several hours. Thankfully, I was finishing up school break. However, doing this was oddly relaxing.

Shopping can be a coping skill sometimes. This is hard for me to admit because I struggle with both extremes of this activity. Normally, social anxiety and sensory overload keep me from malls or crowded places like grocery stores. When there, however, my escalated emotions cause me to start pull things off the shelf like crazy. Knowing how to find a balance is difficult. Yet, when I do, shopping can be a fun, invigorating activity that leaves me feeling accomplished.

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