A Beautiful Ray of Sunshine

Happy Easter Sunday

The sun peaks through all times of life.

When people passed me today and asked how I was doing, I honestly answered, “Actually, I am doing well today!”

After a rough week, today was a beautiful ray of sunshine and hope. The meeting with my dietitian and therapist went well, although I still am struggling even with a reduced meal plan. Shopping at Goodwill allowed me to find a few outfits for Florida. Then my class before Easter break was short but full of wisdom and deep emotion.

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One Thousand Thanks: 388 – 398. Shopping Scores

One Thousand Thanks: 388 - 398. Shopping Scores

Shopping Scores

Today, I went shopping at Goodwill for the creativity blog that I am also helping to write.  Normally, stores frighten me a bit with the overwhelming amount of people and noise.  However, the time became enjoyable as I searched for a creative and cheap outfit.  By the end, my day seemed better than before.

Shopping can easily become an addiction.  Oppositely, it can be a fearful experience.  However, this activity can have a place of fun and adventure as well as responsibility in a normal life.  Here are a few things that I am thankful for about shopping and that I have bought.

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