Accepting Help from Others

With Scooby and the Gang

The Mystery Incorporated Gang always helped each other.

“I can do it myself!” This is one of the first phrases that children use. Independence appears to be one of the first lessons that we learn.

In many ways, being independent is a good thing. We are self-sufficient, confident, and strong. Functioning alone is possible as well as in a group. As the word implies, you are not (“in”) needing to relay (“dependent”) on anyone else.

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7+ Ideas For Online Acts Of Kindness – By Louise Massol

I love these ideas! Be careful about triggers if you are feeling suicidal yourself. However, many of these ideas can be used to help you and others feel better.

Kindness Blog

online kindness - emily turnerWanting to spread kindness through simple acts is a beautiful sentiment, and a contagious one. It inspires, it does good, it’s active, and it’s outside ourselves.

Kindness is an endless, fast growing resource, but isn’t complete if it remains kind thoughts that are never transformed into something real that has an impact on others. 

We read here and there about acts of kindness ideas that are wonderful, but some take more time than we think we have, or we don’t have what is needed to actually apply these ideas.

But online acts of kindness can be done at any time from where you are! It’s easy and their impact is real, whether you see it or not. 

I do them often, even at work when I take a break. If you have access to a computer, you can spread positivity and kindness very simply. 

I think doing acts of kindness online is also…

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Listaliciousness: Weird Al with “Yoda,” Amateurs, and Jealous Batman

Break is officially over for me. Tomorrow, classes begin. I feel mixed about starting on this last part of my journey at this university. Leaving will be bitter sweet although the bitterness has brown lately.

Anyway, here are the links like every Sunday. Enjoy!

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The Most Beautiful Phrase on Earth: “That’s What I’m Here For”


With my friend Jess

While cleaning at my job, a coworker gave me advice that I have heard all of my life: “You need to stop letting people take advantage of you.”

Being honest instead of glossing over my words is one of my strong suits. Thanks, Aspergers. So my answer was simple: “My brain does not think like that, so I usually do not even realize what is happening until it is too late.”

Instead of laughing or changing the subject, my friend looked me straight in the eyes and said, “That’s what I’m here for.”

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How Can I Add Peace to an Violent World Without Being Overly Anxious?

Missing planes, youth dying, countries taking over hurting people, governments punishing their people, robbers taking from those with little, murderers stealing innocent lives – we are constantly hearing about violence and unrest in the world. It breaks my heart just thinking about it. Often I wonder, “How can I help? I need to do something to be of us and stop this misery. But what?”

Then, I begin to wonder what will happen if this turmoil comes to where I live. There are many in communities near me who are struggling, hungry, and feeling broken. How can I reach out to them? What if this starts to affect me in a deep way, like my family is killed or my home destroyed? This could happen any day.  This video impacted me greatly and reminded me of this.

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Giving Me Hope for Humanity

Hands trembling with fear and cold, I wound my way up the entrance ramp near to school this morning.  In just five minutes, my car should be in the parking lot and I on my way to class.  Thankful for a safe trip in the snowy roads, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then disaster struck.  Invisible on the snowy road, hidden ice caused my tires to spin.  In a few moments, my car jetted across the ice, over the median, and onto  incoming traffic on the exit ramp.  Thankfully, no cars were too close, so I avoided hitting anyone.

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Coping Skills. #14. Donating to a Good Cause

KTIS Radio

Donating to a cause you believe in can give you a sense of accomplishment and help you think about something other than your own pain.

Yesterday, I dared myself to do something different. I called into a radio station, KTIS, and donated to their Fall SHARE event.  Sometimes I enjoy listening to this station but recently I started listening to other stations with more popular songs or news instead.  However, something touched my heart when I heard this announcers on KTIS speaking about 180 degree changes that can be made in a life.

Suddenly, I wanted to share the story of how far I have come in the past few years.  Once I dialed the phone, fear filled me.  Nevertheless, things went well and I felt so blessed by the person taking my call.  They prayed for me and rejoiced in how my life has improved.  After hanging up, tears filled my eyes and I listened to the station the rest of the way home, singing aloud at the top of my lungs.

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