One Thousand Thanks: 1144 – 1154. Living Far from Home


Lantern in Morocco

There are cons to living away from home but also pros.

Living out of state has been harder in some ways than I had guessed it would be. The snowy winters, family members being close, friends who I grew up with – all of these things are very missed.

Yet, there are many blessings about living in a new place too. Here are some of the reasons that I am grateful that I ventured out into the world.

1144. Being forced to grow up – Living close to home would have made it harder for me to actually grow up. I wouldn’t have wanted to move out of my home or get out of the house as much. Being thousands of miles away makes me do things on my own for the first time.

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A Beautiful Ray of Sunshine

Happy Easter Sunday

The sun peaks through all times of life.

When people passed me today and asked how I was doing, I honestly answered, “Actually, I am doing well today!”

After a rough week, today was a beautiful ray of sunshine and hope. The meeting with my dietitian and therapist went well, although I still am struggling even with a reduced meal plan. Shopping at Goodwill allowed me to find a few outfits for Florida. Then my class before Easter break was short but full of wisdom and deep emotion.

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Listaliciousness: Blaming the Gerbils, Hopeful Oscar Speeches, and Spock’s Death

Silly Family

Just being sillly,

What an eventful week this has been! Auditions, Disney, callbacks, work, school, National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, theater…I feel like so much happened but it all flashed past.

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Listaliciousness: Book Problems, Realistic Princesses, and Bradley Cooper Films

Where do the weekends go? Honestly, the days that I am not in class rush by faster than I can keep track of and enjoy. Only a few more months. That is my constant reassurance.

Anyway, this list is shorter than normal. However, something is better than nothing, right? The items are a bit silly and light-hearted, but that is what I need right now. Just a rest and some laughter.

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One Thousand Thanks: 966 – 976. My Home, Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota

“Why do we live here?” That has been the common compliant that I have heard lately from fellow Minnesotans. Sure, the weather is chilly and ever changing, our roads have pot holes when not ice covered, and people might not be nice all the time (as “Minnesota Nice” seems to claim). However, this state really does have positives.

Because this week has been especially cold, I decided to not complain about my home but affirm it instead. Sure, it is not Oxford, San Diego, or even Wisconsin. However, Minnesota is a wonderful place as this list will prove.

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Coping Skills: #67. Go Home

Family in winter

My family one winter years ago

After a long week at school and many lonely moments, I love being home. All of this week, my heart yearned to be held by my mother and hear my father’s hilarious jokes. Giggling with Mario or blushing as Christine teased me sounded like wonderful scenarios. Even better, Thanksgiving is drawing near which means that Maria will be returning so that we all can be cheered by her radiant smile.

Home can be a difficult place to return for some people. For others, however, returning brings back a sense of safety, comfort, warmth, and relaxation. No one can harm you. Your parents once again stand guard to keep you out of harm’s way.

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5 Free Family Activities in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN

The Landmark Center

If you happen to visit one of these beautiful cities in my wonderful state, you should check out these places.

Traveling by 5s

Visiting Minnesota and looking for some fun activities? Wanting to spend some quality family time without paying money? Whether you are a resident or a tourist, there are many great places to visit in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Here are some free ones, enjoyable for any age, in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area.

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One Thousand Thanks: 681 – 691. Poignant Films – Part Two

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite films growing up.

Well, it is Thankfulness Thursday again. Following up on last week’s post about movies, I am going to write about inspiring films that I am thankful for viewing. Since the first post highlighted my life to the age of 11, this one will begin when I was 12-years-old. Hopefully you will enjoy this list and find some new movies to watch. If you have some films that have touched your life, please leave their name in the comments. What are you thankful for concerning this type of entertainment?

681. The Wizard of Oz – I watched this at a much younger age. However, the character of Dorothy continued to grow on me as I grew older. One of my dream roles was being her in a show. The witch’s cackle terrified me, but listening to my father do her voice as well as the lion made this movie even better. Plus, as someone deeply depressed, this reminded me that my home was so important despite the fact that I longed to go to a fantasy world. (Age 12)

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One Thousand Thanks: 657 – 669. Returning Home

Sitting on the plane

On the plane to get home

Being back home has been bittersweet. My family is amazing, and babysitting my little brother every day has been a joy (you’re welcome, Mom). However, I feel like I am going crazy without the intellectually stimulating and independent life that I left in Oxford. Depression is beginning to set in, making me even more miserable. What am I supposed to do with my life now?

Instead of complaining about my current situation, I am going to look at the positives in the past few days. There are many benefits to being home. This Thankfulness Thursday will be focused on these wonderful elements of being back in Minnesota.

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Last Day in Oxford and Favorite Photographs from the Trip

Walking in a field

Walking to a seminar on the first day through fields

Well, today is the dreaded day. Saying goodbyes, taking a last walk around, trying to see everything in the Ashmolean on the third visit (and still failing), seeing my favorite author’s tomb, meeting some great new people, hearing the boys’ choir at evensong – today was packed and amazing. But part of me feels crushed. How can I leave the place that I finally feel like I belong? I love my family, but going home to my meaningless daily life with no friendly interaction or freedom to spread my wings as well as my broken heart is all I can see for the rest of this summer.

However, I am trying to be optimistic. With people leaving to travel Europe or return to the home that they missed, I feel a bit strange and out of place. This summer still can be great; it will be what I make of it. But the pain is still real.

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