Listaliciousness: Google Tips, Retro Princesses, and Working while Having Fun

Dressed as Honey Lemon with Halloween Mickey Mouse

Dressed as Honey Lemon with Halloween Mickey Mouse

Happy Sunday and list day! Enjoy these links that I finally got around to doing again! 😀

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What Loneliness Taught Me

Selfie in mirror at Disney

Being alone can teach you about yourself and others.

“Two is a pair. Three is a crowd.”

That saying might not be true, but I have certainly experienced it at times. Children pair up, having a best friend and sometimes even a second best friend. Girls giggling with others while passing me by, being picked last for a team, roommates making plans while I watched – being alone has been an important part of my life.

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With the Wind Just Flying Through My Hair

What a great coping skill to use! It might be difficult, but try to put yourself into another situation or experience something as another person. Even better, go back to a happy moment of your life. That sounds lovely to me!

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog


Like many of you when driving, my mind races with thoughts of things I have to do, problems to solve, errands to run, crisis to deal with and so forth. Yesterday was different. As I was driving on a back road to get to a client’s home, I found myself following a gentleman, (or gentlewoman as I couldn’t tell; the only clue being the gray hair on the back of his/her head.) Because it was an awesomely beautiful day after a horrendous winter of being snowbound, the top to the MG convertible was down, sunlight shining happily on the occupant. Looking at the car, I recognized it as similar to the one bought with my own money when I was a teenager. My pride and joy that was purchased with my dad, a gentleman who did not generally interact with people, including me. Buying that car bonded us…

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One Thousand Thanks: 1044 – 1054. The Cast of Narnia – Part One

Me as a dryad in Narnia

I am a dryad in Narnia.

Normally, I write a note to each member of shows that I am in, but lately my time for anything extra has vanished swiftly. Thus, I decided to make this post the first of two parts thanking all of the amazing people who were in or helped with Narnia.

1044. Ben: Aslan/Father Christmas/Professor Diggory – Your majestic voice, huge smile, and warm personality made you perfect for this role. However, you are even more than a great actor; you are a magnificent person. Thank you for taking the time to listen and laugh with me even about silly things. The fact that you show care for everyone is so beautiful!


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Appeasing the Invisible: A Poem

Surrendering a Dream

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else. – Erma Bombeck

Appeasing the Invisible

Nothing has more power than the invisible.
It pulls at me, urging my fingers to type on the keyboard,
Hissing in my ear to play with words like play-dough,
Snickering at the plot hole that sucks my story into a black hole.

Should I ignore the invisible?
Some enclose themselves in a steel balloon.
No fiery critics arrow can puncture their flight or plunge them to earth.
However, humans cannot breathe in the elevation of these works.

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Listaliciousness: Princesses, White Chocolate, and the Apparently Kid

tree tops

Looking up at the trees near my house

Today was lovely although I felt guilty about not working. Mario, Christine, Mom, and I went to Mass together before my sister left for school. Then, us remaining three went to an art fair near our house. Relaxing with family was amazing despite the looming anxiety of homework and money that is shackled to me.

Anyway, here are my links for the week. Some of the posts or web pages are a bit older, but hopefully you will still find them interesting.

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Reclaiming and Listening to My Inner Writer

Note on Tolkien's grave

A note that I wrote and placed on the grave of Tolkien – he is an amazing writer who inspired me.

Monday is my media day. That is what I should write about and focus on in today’s post. Doing anything different would be against the schedule that I set and posted for my readers to see. Thus, I would essentially be lying to them as well as not being organized.

These were the thoughts that circled through my head several times today as numerous ideas came to me about this blog. Each idea was shot down by my brain or written on a note to address in the future.

At play practice tonight for the show on creativity and faith, I realized how often I tell my inner artist no. The ideas and creativity that wells up inside of me is silenced by the scholar, the perfectionist, the organizer, the judger, and the practical part of me. No wonder writing seems like such a challenge with no joy! I am no longer engulfed in imagination or the process; it has become a task, a way to function and communicate. That is all.

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Coping Skill: #51. Going to a Museum


The Museum that I went to today

Art is an amazing thing. It both inspires and excites, frightens and overjoys, challenges and heartens. Thus viewing it can bring peace as well as imagination and creativity. One of the best places to doing so is at a museum.

There are many museums although they can be expansive at times. However many of these places are free although donations are encouraged. Still, these places are well worth the money and time

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Recovery in the Media. #49. Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland film

This film captures the joys and fears of childhood while addressing hard issues of death and searching for hope.

49. Finding Neverland

This movie about the author of Peter Pan both inspired and saddened me. The themes of death, imagination, and hope caused me to choose it for Media Monday.

Synopsis: J. M. Barrie wants to write beautiful plays and stories, but no one seems to enjoy his work. Even his wife is pulling away from him. Then the author meets three young boys and their widowed mother, Sylvia Llewelyn Davies. Despite rumors that crop up, a friendship begins that inspires and brings joy to the imaginative author. Through these new relationships, Barrie begins to pen a new story about a boy who never grew up.

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Coping Skill: #41. Gardening

Part of the garden that we bagged plants from on Thursday

Part of the garden that we bagged plants from on Thursday

As mentioned in my Thankfulness Thursday post earlier this week, I grew up in a family that loves to garden. Quickly, my love of flowers blossomed as I picked posies for my mother, stuck blooms in my ponytails, and searched every spring for the first sprig. Nearly every bouquet given to me remains dried in my room.

However, I was never very good at gardening. The concept interested me, and goodness knows that I loved to get dirty. Yet, the activity that my mother labored over until sweat dripped down her face did not intrigue me.

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