That’s Not Funny

Perhaps I am overly sensitive. Correct that statement: I am overly sensitive. However, there are times when people laugh and joke about subjects that make me cringe.

Normally, I just look away (or move away, if I can) and ignore them. Inside, part of me is screaming to speak up and say, “That isn’t funny!”

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Listaliciousness: Easter Eggs, Forgotten Proverbs, and April Fool’s Day

I love the look of flowers too.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope that you are having a blessed day and enjoy the whole Easter season.

Most of the links this week are posts that I wrote on Catholic Stand or Celebrity Cafe. However, there are some other great lists that might help you think about something new or laugh. As always, I would love to see a post or site that you enjoyed in this past week.

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Listaliciousness: Living Cathedrals, Comet Landing, and Guilty Cats

moriah peters brave

Hearing from Moriah Peters on Twitter was one of the highlights of my week.

Roller coaster rides have fewer dips and rises than my past week had. However, this week is another chance to face my anxieties. Life might not ever be easy, but it is worth the fight.

Many days this past week were spent oversleeping. Thus, I did not have as much time to get caught up on the news or interesting web links. However, here are a few interesting as well as funny items that I found. Enjoy!

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It’s Really Just Food: Eggs, Milk, and Flour

Growing up, us girls looked forward to when my mom was gone overnight. Of course, her hugs and helpful words were missed. However, dad always let us eat dessert for breakfast. In fact, we often chanted, “Dad is great! He serves us chocolate cake.”

Little did I know that he taught us this chant directly from Bill Cosby, his favorite comedian. In fact, I found a video of this very joke.

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Manorexia: Not a Joke


Yesterday at work, a man made an offhand comment about having rice instead of french fries.  “I’m on a diet,” he grinned, patting his normal-sized stomach.

“Oh, a little bit of manorexia never hurt anybody.”  Laughter broke out in the kitchen as another man remarked jokingly.

I stood to the side, trying to figure out how to respond.  My co-workers are such wonderful people, but this response to a serious issue troubled me deeply.  How can you laugh about disease that millions of men have but hide out of shame?  What about the people who die from an eating disorder?  Did that really “never hurt anybody?”

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