Listaliciousness: Color Photograph of Pluto, Fandom Musicals, and Prom Dresses


Afternoon Tea

One week of performances down, one more to go. Only a little bit more time before finals and Florida. Everything is rushing past me. I feel like I am clinging to a palm tree during a hurricane. Hopefully, my arms will be strong enough to keep hanging on despite the wind.

This weeks links are a very interesting blend of various items. Hopefully, you will enjoy the list!
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Good News is Everywhere

We so often hear bad news. Children are dying, corruption is rampant in politics, natural disasters wipes out homes, and anger drives families away from each other. These stories seem to be all there is in newspapers, television stations, and online today.

However, studying journalism has helped me to realize that many people involved in the news industry desire to raise awareness to difficult issues and prevent society from becoming apathetic. This driving force is admirable although it can be taken too far. We also need to the good news that surrounds us every day.

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One Thousand Thanks: 866 – 876. Favorite School Classes

The Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library where I spent hours studying in Oxford

Today, my adviser helped me to pick my schedule for the spring. Just thinking about my last semester at the university is frightening. Where will my life go from here? How will I adjust to the “real world”? What about all of the courses that I longed to take but will never be able to anymore?

Part of me feels like leaving this school will be breaking off a part of myself. Instead of dwelling on this fear and sorrow, I am trying to remember that I still have more than a full semester left. Right now, there is still left to enjoy my school experience. Here are some of the classes that I am most thankful for taking over the course of my college years.

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One Thousand Thanks: 855 – 865. Not Being in a Clique


The typewriter of C.S. Lewis’s brother – I wonder if they fit into a clique or were outsiders.

The past few days have been really lonely. Recently, I realized that I do not fit into any of the groups at school. Theater kids, the English students, journalism majors, and all of the other groups of people all are kind to me but are tightly knit with each other. There is little need for me. This loneliness has invaded the past few days and stricken me.

Anyway, my therapist told me that people outside of school are not usually in such categories. I do not know if this is true, but it would be so wonderful. She also tried to convince me that being interested in numerous things instead of just one is good. That still does not take away the pain of being alone. However, there are some great elements about being outside of a clique. This Thankfulness Thursday focuses on those benefits instead of wallowing in self-pity.

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One Thousand Thanks: 555 – 565. Spring Semester 2014

With some great friends after The Yellow Boat

With some great friends after The Yellow Boat

In a similar nature to my fall blog post on wonderful events during that semester, I am looking back on what happened recently in school. This past semester was full of much anxiety and heartbreak but held some great moments still. Despite the difficulty, the overall experience helped me to grow as a person and in recovery. So today, I will recount some of the events I am most thankful for from it.

555. Winning a national award for the student newspaper website – This shocked me. As the web editor, I worked hard to make the site user-friendly and appealing. However, rarely did people seem to notice. Hearing from a huge organization that our site and paper won their award was so honoring and astonishing.

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