I see light

I am finally starting to see this light. For years, I felt lost and afraid. Now, there is hope.

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As long as I see light
At the end of the tunnel,
I am fine; very fine;
It’s dark in the tunnel.
But that’s not what matters to me;
What matters is the light I see
At the end of the tunnel.
Since that’s where I am going,
I am happy.

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A Beautiful Ray of Sunshine

Happy Easter Sunday

The sun peaks through all times of life.

When people passed me today and asked how I was doing, I honestly answered, “Actually, I am doing well today!”

After a rough week, today was a beautiful ray of sunshine and hope. The meeting with my dietitian and therapist went well, although I still am struggling even with a reduced meal plan. Shopping at Goodwill allowed me to find a few outfits for Florida. Then my class before Easter break was short but full of wisdom and deep emotion.

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Recovery in the Media: #69. Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice and spirit that is shown in her music.

69. Selected Susan Boyle songs

I still remember the first day that my mother showed my sisters and me the video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain’s Got Talent. Her stage presence, raw talent, and emotional connection with the song touched me and millions of others deeply. Since that moment, she has continued to prove to the world that judging someone based on appearance is wrong. Another remarkable story broke when she was diagnosed with Aspergers. My connection to her grew even stronger. Because of these facts as well as her uplifting themes in music, I decided to feature her for Media Monday.

Selected Songs:

    • “I Dreamed a Dream” from her I Dreamed a Dream album
    • “Both Sides, Now” from her Someone to Watcher Over Me album
    • “You Raise Me Up” from her Hope album
    • “This is the Moment” from her Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from Stage album
    • “Bridge Over Troubled Water” from her Hope album Continue reading

Recovery in the Media: #66. Imagine Dragons

This band might have dark songs, but their honesty and glimmer of hope make the music powerful.

This band might have dark songs, but their honesty and glimmer of hope make the music powerful.

66. Selected Imagine Dragons songs

Rock music usually overwhelms me. Heavy beats and screaming lyrics were what I associated with this genre. However, as I have been exposed to more types of music, my tastes have begun to broaden. The first song that I heard by Imagine Dragons was “Radioactive.” The somber lyrics and apocalyptic feel bewildered me, but something about the eerie tone transfixed me. As I have listened to more songs by this band, I have found that the morbid nature of their lyrics actually has some hope hidden beneath them despite the darkness in our world. Likewise, depression can cause one to see things in a grim light, yet hope remains for those of us who struggle with mental illness.This is one of the reasons that I chose them for Media Monday.

Selected Songs:

    • “Monster” from their Smoke + Mirrors album
    • “Demons” from their Night Visions album
    • “I Bet My Life” from their Smoke + Mirrors album
    • “It’s Time” from their Night Visions album
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Recovery in the Media: #61. The Giver

The Giver

This film explores what a world without emotions, choice, diversity, and memories might appear.

61. The Giver

This novel by Lois Lowry has long been one of my favorites. Going into this film frightened me because I loved the book so much. The depth of the novel seemed like something that the cinema could never capture. However, my mother stated her love of the film after viewing it at my new job. From the first minute, the actors and script captured my attention. Although not exactly the same as the novel, this movie has the same central message and heart. Plus, it helped me to realize more clearly the theme of emotions being repressed because of the pain that they cause. This convinced me to write about the movie for Media Monday.

Synopsis: Imagine a world with no discrimination, worry, pain, danger, or bad decision making. That probably sounds perfect. Jonas has lived his whole life in such a place. However, when the teenager becomes the receiver who holds all past memories, he realizes his life for what it truly is – a prison where no one can make choices or feel true emotions. What is worse, the pain from the past or the half-life of the present? Jonas must decide not only for himself but those that he loves. Continue reading

Some Good News in a Hard Week

If you have been listening to the news, you probably have heard all of the terrible things that are happening in the world. Hearing this hurts my heart a great deal. Sometimes it seems like the darkness is so much brighter than the light.

However, it is important to remember that there is so much good all around us. With my internship, I wrote about two different happy events.

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Recovery in the Media: #44. . . .And She Sparkled

One of the best picture books I have read, this tells the story of a child being forced to grow up but stay unique.

One of the best picture books I have read, this tells the story of a child being forced to grow up but stay unique.

44. . . . And She Sparkled by Joan Steffend

Browsing in a cute little shop, I saw this book on the shelf. For some reason, the plush front with a simplistic but mesmorizing silver design appealed to me. The connection to my life was instant as I read the picture book. Right then, I was in residential treatment and struggling to want recovery. Staying a safe child or sick patient seemed much better than growing up in a frightening and uncertain world. Thus, this book played an important role in reminding me of who I was under all of my pain and healing that inner child. It might be a picture book, but . . . And She Sparkled has a deep message about recovery.

Synopsis: This book tells the story of a little girl who sparkles. Joy follows her as she brings beauty and light into the world. Each day, she dreams of the next one with excitement and anticipation. However, her dance falters as difficulties begin to come into her innocent life. Others start telling her to be quieter, more sensible, and less childish. In an attempt to be good, she locks up the sparkle inside of her and hides it from the world. Darkness increases as she struggles to live each day the way people say she should. The sparkle waits inside, hoping to shine once again.

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Recovery in the Media: #42. Tenth Avenue North

This band deals with the topic great suffering and shows hope for a bright future.

This band deals with the topic great suffering and shows hope for a bright future.

42. Selected Tenth Avenue North Songs

My mother and I sometimes exchange uplifting songs. Hearing the inspiring music helps, but being sent a video that tells a similar story is even better. One of my favorite songs that she sent me was “You are More” by Tenth Avenue North. Plus, a good friend Jess loved to write quotes and lyrics. Since this was one of her favorite songs, it always reminds me of her. Because of the depth of “You are More” and how it speaks about pain, I decided to find more songs from Tenth Avenue North for Media Monday. They are a Christian group, but their lyrics will touch people from all faiths and beliefs.

Selected Songs:

    • “You are More” from their The Light Meets the Dark album
    • “Worn” from their The Struggle album
    • “Let It Go” from their Over and Underneath album
    • “Healing Begins” from their The Light Meets the Dark album
    • “Losing” from their The Struggle album

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Seven Words

Recently, theempathyqueen posted about reducing one’s beliefs to seven words.  This concept fascinated me.  If I had to choose only a few words to sum up my entire life and the world around me, what would I choose?  Thankfully, we humans do not need to do that.  There are millions of words and expressions to explain how we view things.  However, focusing on the seven main ones is an intriguing prospect.  Plus I love working with and learning about words (as the video for today proves).  Thus, this post will sum up my priorities and deep-held values.  If you would like to share yours in a post or comment, that would be amazing.

  1. Hope – Without this, nothing has a purpose.  Although I struggle to find this bright light, clinging to it has pulled me out of dark places.  It also motivates me to care for others.  No matter who you are, there is hope for a beautiful future for you. Continue reading

Recovery in the Media: #30. Christina Perri

Christina Perri

A mixture of morose and strong, Christina Perri’s music is unique and powerful.

30. Selected Christina Perri Songs

Sometimes you stumble across new artists that you enjoy because of their upbeat tunes that make you dance.  Other times, singers captivate you with their unique, soulful voices.  That is what I first experienced after hearing Christina Perri.  Her gentle, almost haunting voice made me sit down and listen intently to her words.  A rather morose streak can be found in most of her songs, but a glimmer of light remains in them.  Thus, I decided to choose the five most helpful for recovery this Media Monday.

Selected Songs:

    • “Something About December” from her A Very Merry Perri Christmas
    • “Sad Song” from her Lovestrong album
    • “A Thousand Years” from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn soundtrack
    • “Human” a single from her Head or Heart album
    • “Jar of Hearts” from her Lovestrong album

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