To China and Back Again: The Year 2017

Walking over a bridge in China

2017 was filled with many challenges but so much growth.

When I look back at the year 2017, my head spins a bit. So much happened in a fairly short time. My life changed dramatically as I moved from Florida to China in 2016, settled there more in 2017, and then moved back to the USA.

However, I changed even more than my geographical location. Not understanding a word around me but having to find my own apartment and find directions taught me to ask for help even if I looked clueless. Teaching children and planning creative lessons taught me to trust myself more as a leader and artist. Working with children and feeling alone in a new culture taught me that I did want a family one day. Having a happy relationship continues to teach me that I’m lovable with all my quirks and faults.

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Feeling Lost without My Family

My wonderful sister Christine just came to visit me for a few days and then left. Seeing her was amazing. Losing her was miserable.

I am feeling so low and depressed. Right now, all I want is my family. However, they are so many miles away.

Some good news regarding a job came to me. However, I am waiting to hear about my start date. Until I actually know that and start, my anxiety will be raging.

What do you do when you need someone you cannot have in your life? How do you cope with this?

Graduation from Disney College Program

Graduating with Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie celebrated my graduation!

Today, I attended my program graduation. Although rather sad, this ceremony was mostly fun. Meeting with characters, eating normally, laughing with friends, and getting prizes were highlights.

Over the course of these past eight months, I have learned so much about Disney, working, friendship, and myself. Has the journey been painful? Yes, but worth each moment.

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Coping Skills: #60. Set Reasonable Goals

Path in Oxford garden

What path are you taking and what goals are you setting?

Yesterday, I moved onto campus and slept in my new room. All of today was spent at my university. This past day has been wonderful but also nerve-wracking and stressful. Escalated eating disorder symptoms have made that more and more apparent to me.

Just like in Oxford, symptoms that I rarely used are sneaking back into my life as are ones that were still present but tamer. Now, I feel flooded with urges that I either lack the will power to resist or seem more appealing than following my meal plan. Although I am trying to stay on track, this school year and eating is becoming an important issue that I need to address.

One of the ways that I have already begun to work through this issue is by setting reasonable goals. Writing lists and setting goals is one of my favorite coping skills. I enjoy checking off what I have done and thinking about how to accomplish what is left.

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