Coping Skills: #87. Visit the Library


Books from OxfordWant to learn a new language for free? Love watching movie and don’t have Netflix? Need to use a computer or printer?

Going to the library can help in any of those situations. Not only can you do all of that, you can also find peace, knowledge, and fun.

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Creating a Safe Space

Tigger in flowers

Tigger is in his happy, safe place!

Often, this world feels scary and unsafe. I hide in the car from strangers passing by with shopping carts or struggling to slow my drumming heart as a man walks past and looks at me. Sometimes, life feels like a game of hide-and-seek or tag where you are constantly trying to get away from someone or something.

Thus, creating a safe space (or several) is very important. These can come in many forms in many places and even be just in your imagination. However, they should help you to feel secure and peaceful.

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Collage of Me

Meeting Cinderella for the first time

Meeting Cinderella for the first time

Drawing, painting, and other forms of art have always been hard for me. Perfectionism makes me want to tear up everything that I create.

Collages, on the other hand, are simple enough for me to do and fun enough to keep my attention. I love looking through magazines to find images that represent someone or even myself.

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What Loneliness Taught Me

Selfie in mirror at Disney

Being alone can teach you about yourself and others.

“Two is a pair. Three is a crowd.”

That saying might not be true, but I have certainly experienced it at times. Children pair up, having a best friend and sometimes even a second best friend. Girls giggling with others while passing me by, being picked last for a team, roommates making plans while I watched – being alone has been an important part of my life.

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What Motivates Us?

When we discuss motivation, we usually express hurrying towards something that we desire. Maybe money motivates you. Perhaps it is fear or friendship. Security, pleasure, thrill, religion, passion…the list continues on endlessly.

However, most people think that more rewards will urge people to work harder. Strangely enough, that is not always the case. This fascinating video shows that.

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One Thousand Thanks: 952 – 965. Historic Events

Statue at Oxford

One of the most famous statues in Oxford

Last night, my family went to see Night at the Museum 3. Seeing a film with my parents and little brother is a rare treat, so we ended up having a lovely time. Hearing my mother and Mario giggling is by far the best part.

Seeing that film reminded me of my love of history. So often, people either reminisce about “the good ol’ days” or blast the past errors. This post is meant to be a grateful reminder for events that made life safer, richer, and better today.

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Coping Skills: #73. Apologize

Two girls talking

More people should apologize,
and more people should accept
apologies when sincerely made. – Greg LeMond

Many times, people around us are frustrating. They refuse to help out at work, say that joke that you hate, or act like you are stupid. These instances are annoying and hurtful.

Lashing out in anger can seem to be the only way that people will respond. If you yell loud enough or whine endlessly, someone is sure to take notice. But how will that impact your relationship? What kind of person does that build you up to be?

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Needing to Be Happy for the Holidays

Christine and Mario with a present snowman

Christine and Mario with a present snowman

Holidays are a festive time of year. Decorations deck halls, choirs sing merrily, gifts pile up under trees, and store clerks beam as people bustle about the store. Christmas pretty much equals joy, right?

Well, that is what we are pressured to think. However, for many people especially those with depression, this time of year can be very saddening and frightening. Christmas lights blink overwhelmingly, choirs are filled with people who might judge, gifts lack love, and store clerks are probably wanting to strangle customers while faking a smile.

How can we find peace and joy during this season without faking?

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One Thousand Thanks: 922 – 932. Free Time

Stump in stream

Sometimes we need to stop and take a break instead of rushing down the stream of life.

For the first time in months, my schedule was clear today. No school, no work, no meetings, no medical appointments – nothing. Yes, there were many items that I needed to attend to, but it was still wonderful to feel less pressured.

Today made me realize why the phrase “free time” has the word “free” in it. There is a freedom that you have when no one else owns part of your day. Being busy and productive brings a sense of accomplishment. However, too much happening can make you feel weary and trapped.

So here are some wonderful benefits to having free time that I enjoyed today and look forward to having in the future. I would love to hear what you appreciate about having a day where nothing is scheduled.

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Coping Skills: #70. Go To a Coffee Shop


Here is my tea from Cahoots which is one of the shops that I met a friend at this week.

Confession time: I have never drank more than a sip of coffee. Even then, that was barely a swallow. The desire to have this caffeinated drink (which would probably make me overly hyper and give me headaches) has never been very strong.

However, being in Oxford taught me to love coffee shops. Walking into a coffee shop can transport you into another world. The smells, air, noises, and general atmosphere are unique from other environments. Thus, sneaking away to one alone or with a friend can be a great way to cope with life.

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