Listaliciousness: Weird Al with “Yoda,” Amateurs, and Jealous Batman

Break is officially over for me. Tomorrow, classes begin. I feel mixed about starting on this last part of my journey at this university. Leaving will be bitter sweet although the bitterness has brown lately.

Anyway, here are the links like every Sunday. Enjoy!

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Young Girl’s Brains: Do We Treat Them Differently?

This commercial caught my attention a few months ago. I had mixed feelings about it because I really enjoy feminineĀ things and do not think princesses, pink, dolls, or glitter are evil. Girls should be as free to play with cutesy toys or dress in frilly skirts. Denying them that seems just as silly as forcing that upon them.

However, the fact that society ingrains into these children’s brains the need to be thin, beautiful, and alluring is just ridiculous. It irritates me to no end that girls are growing up with such detrimental messages been slung at them.

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