Ten Reasons I See Myself As Better and Worse Than Others

Me at Goodwill

We have reasons why we are better/worse humans even if we do not realize them.

At my university’s chapel yesterday, the speaker gave an amazingly candid and thought-provoking exercise for us to do. “List the reasons why you think that you are a better person or Christian than others. Then list the reasons why you are worse.”

Even more shockingly, he went on to list some of his reasons. I similarly made lists in my notebook. Looking back at the items was a strong jolt of reality for me. Pride and superiority is a far bigger issue in my life than I ever realized. In fact, all of us seem to battle this more than we want to admit even if it is hidden in the guise of self-hate.

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Why Are People So Blind to Others?

Who Will Love Me

The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved. – Princess Diana

So many people are struggling in the world. Just think of a five people (coworkers, friends, family, etc). Then think about what they are dealing with right now. You will probably notice that most are dealing with something difficult. Those who are not currently will in the future or did in the past; either that or you do not know about their current difficulties.

If that is the case, why are people so blind to others? How come instead of reaching out to each other, we draw back in fear? Why are others so closed to seeing the pain of those around them?

Lately, this has bothered me a great deal. Whether I am congratulating others for getting into a show and they fail to ask about me, nearly in tears over confusion with my faith, or working while others chatter with friends, I constantly feel alone. When no one reaches out to me, anger boils up inside as bitterness towards the whole human race increases.

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Coping Skills: #73. Apologize

Two girls talking

More people should apologize,
and more people should accept
apologies when sincerely made. – Greg LeMond

Many times, people around us are frustrating. They refuse to help out at work, say that joke that you hate, or act like you are stupid. These instances are annoying and hurtful.

Lashing out in anger can seem to be the only way that people will respond. If you yell loud enough or whine endlessly, someone is sure to take notice. But how will that impact your relationship? What kind of person does that build you up to be?

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Humbling Myself to be Served

Humbling Myself to be Served

Humility can be felt in many different ways. It is painful but important.

Sorry that this post is later than usual.  This morning, I went out on errands and a date with my mother.  During our time together, I had the opportunity to be humbled.  Although it was uncomfortable, I took this chance and was greatly blessed.

When I think about being humbled, I usually assume that I have embarrassed myself somehow or made a mistake.  Many people think about this emotion with dread.  After all, no one wants to look like a fool or mess up.  I know that I have gone out of my way before so as not to be humiliated in front of others.  People tell lies, spend money, even commit crimes to make sure that their pride stays in tact.

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The Badge of Anorexia

The Badge of Anorexia

I am not ashamed of my past but I am also ready to change for the better.

As I sat around two years ago in an eating disorder facility waiting to hear the results of my intake, I just had one thought: please let it be anorexia.  Sad, but true.  After struggling with over-eating and being overweight, I longed to have statistics prove that I was too thin.  To my horror, I was diagnosed EDNOS or Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified because of my normal weight.  Turns out I had not starved myself enough.

Now, I have come to understand how eating disorders destroy numerous peoples’ lives regardless of shape, race, gender, or age.  I do not judge a single one of the people that I have met based on their diagnosis.  Each of them touched my life with their unique inspiring stories and hearts.  Never would I tell one of them that they are not good enough or anyone else for that matter.  Certainly not based on their weight or what type of eating disorder that they have!

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