I Am So Much More

In a Rapunzel frame at Shanghai Disneyland

I was able to go to Shanghai Disneyland which was wonderful.

Knowing limits is good. I need to remember that I do not have the superpower of speed to get ready for the day in five minutes. Nor can anyone read minds. We cannot fly, breathe under water, live without food or water, etc.  Limits can be helpful.

However, they can also be a hinder. So many times, I have let limits on myself – whether inflicted by me or others – that have hurt me. There were things that I was and wasn’t, limits set and dreams shattered.

This past year has shown me that I am more than my limitations. I need to stop living bound to my past or my struggles.

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Trying to Make a Bedtime Routine

Mario Sleeping

Mario Sleeping

Sleep continues to be a problem that I deal with most nights. Since childhood, falling asleep and staying that way has been a struggle. Now, there are mornings when I cannot wake up despite my best efforts.

At confession today, the priest suggested improving my sleep hygiene by having a bedtime routine. An hour later, my mother echoed his words. When two wise people say the same thing to you in a short period of time, you know that you should listen.

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Stay Away from My Pie!

Stay Away from my Pie!

Wanting certain food while hating certain food with an eating disorder and Aspergers

Yesterday, I awoke and found an empty container in the sink.  My anxiety rose as I realized it was the Tupperware that had held the last piece of my favorite kind of pie.  Whenever I have that dessert waiting for me, I feel more hopeful and excited.  Even if my day drags me down into depression and misery, I know that I have something good waiting for me.

However, all of my plans had been shattered.  One of my family members had eaten the only piece of pie left – my piece of pie.  The piece of pie that could make my day worth living.  As if thrown from a bucking horse, my day fell to ruins.  On edge and overly dramatic, nothing seemed to go right.

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