Listaliciousness: Allergy-Free Plants, Themed Weddings, and Twitter Birthday Surprises

Ready for this weeks links? These are full of hope with the coming of spring, flowers, weddings, and babies. Funny how most of them seem to fit into that mood and category.

Before the list, however, I wanted to let you know that I feel bad about how moody I’ve been. Perhaps you haven’t noticed it, but maybe you did. This past week was difficult. Maybe this one will be simpler. If not, I will try to respond with more grace and optomisim than I have been lately. Thank you all for your support. That is one thing that I can count on even when the rest of my life melts into a gooey mess.

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One Thousand Thanks: 799 – 809. Calming and Refreshing Scents


Flowers smell lovely!

Sensory issues have always been part of my life. Too much light, sound, or action make me very tense and unable to cope. This is a normal part of Aspergers I learned later in life.

However, scent is one sense that I have often felt devoid of having. Sometimes, my nose works too well, but usually I struggle to smell what others do.

More recently, however, people have begun to tell me that I smell good. At the same time, I have started to like certain lotions, foods, and flowers for their scents. Thus, having a list about smells I am thankful for seemed like a nice way to note how this often forgotten scent makes an impact on our lives.

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One Thousand Thanks: 477 – 487. Springtime Again!

SpringHappy springtime! There may still be snow on the ground, but spring is here at least. Slowly, the temperature in  Minnesota is heating up to above freezing. In fact, it will be 50 degrees later this week. How wonderful is that?

Anyway, I skipped welcoming spring last Thursday when it started. It only seemed fitting to list what I like about it this Thankfulness Thursday. Here are some of the wonderful qualities of spring.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family – Confused but United

My family has always been a very important part of my support system.  In fact, without them I would probably not be alive.  At times, my love for them makes me want to run away because they deserve better than a messed up daughter like me.  However, abandoning them when they have stood beside me seems wrong.  Instead I attempt to show my love and appreciation for their support, care, and confidence.

Thus, the Weekly Photo Challenge at Daily Post about family resonated with me.  Pictures alone cannot fully capture what my family means to me.  Here are a few that give glimpses into who we are as a group – not just me alone or them without me but our entire family as one confused but strong unit.

Family in winter

Staying cozy in the cold of life

Summer family

Or laughing in the summer sun,

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Recovery in the Media: #27. Christmas Songs

Josh Groban Believe

Christmas songs can be wonderful but also can bring up difficult feelings.

27. Selected Christmas Songs

With Christmas coming up, holiday songs can be heard on the radio, in stores, and just about anywhere you go.  These songs leave me filled with joy and warmth.  However, many of these songs focus on simply happiness that can fade with time.  So, I decided to find some festive songs that address recovery and hope without being depressing or too sappy.  Hopeful you will enjoy this Christmas edition of Media Monday.

Selected Songs:

    • “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane
    • “I Pray on Christmas” by Harry Connick Jr.
    • “Grown-Up Christmas List” by David Foster and Linda Thompson Jenner
    • “Night of Silence” by Daniel Cantor
    • “Believe” by Josh Groban

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