Listaliciousness: Father’s Day, Women on Money, and Hidden Meaning in “Lilo and Stitch”

Family upon couch

My family

Happy Father’s Day! I miss my father so much on this special day. At least, we talked on the phone which was wonderful.

Anyway, here are some links. A few are Father’s Day themed while others deal with history, coping skills, and Disney of course. Enjoy!

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Listaliciousness: Minnesota oddities, Christmas trees around the World, and Antarctic Fish

My cat Princess sleeping

I just want to rest like Princess.

Sigh. There is so much to get done this weekend still. I am so exhausted but have a draining week ahead now. Maybe something in my life really should change. At least I was able to enjoy a great movie with my friend today (thanks Lydia!).

Anyway, here are some links after not having them last week. Enjoy!

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Coping Skill: #50. Being Blunt

My friend Nora from Oxford

Here is a great friend who has helped me a lot.

Despite all of the wonderful new experiences I am having in Oxford, my eating disorder and anxiety continue to creepy into my thoughts. One moment, I am laughing with friends and the next I am struggling not to jump into traffic. Over-eating has once again begun to really bother me as have other eating disorder symptoms. Even being in a place where I feel at home and so alive does not make life simple.

Today, we toured London. A year ago, my mom and I stayed in this city which filled me with love for Great Britain. However, after being in Oxford, I found myself very overwhelmed and nervous in the huge city. Although the day was lovely, my emotions began to escalate to frenzied state by the end.

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Recovery in the Media: #23. You are the Message

You are the Message

“You are the Message” surprised me with its positive but motivating message about being honest and likable.

23. You are the Message by Roger Ailes

Normally, I am not a big fan of self-help books.  Although extremely encouraging and inspiring for others, these works usually leave me overwhelmed and frustrated.  How on earth can I accomplish everything written in their books?  Sometimes elements of the book stick with me and teach me valuable lessons.  For the most part, however, I prefer to learn from someone else or experience.  That being said, You are the Message surprised me pleasantly.  After reading it for a class, I gained much insight and confidence concerning speaking, social situations, and being myself.  Thus, this book seemed right to review for Media Monday.

Synopsis: Roger Ailes helped numerous famous celebrities, renowned presidents, and wealthy business men become better speakers.  In this book, he instructs the reader on how to be themselves and present a honest message to the rest of the world.  Instead of trying to change yourself to the audience, you learn to exhibit your true self in a likable way.  Throughout the book, Ailes gives numerous helpful tips along with enjoyable examples and stories.

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