Can You Feel Beautiful and Have an Eating Disorder?

Can You Feel Beautiful and Have an Eating DisorderLately, thoughts have popped into my heads that fill me with confusion and guilt.  Just admitting to them here fills me with fear.  However, I am hoping that these moments are normal parts of recovery.  Hopefully being honest about them will help others with eating disorders and low self-esteem.

These thoughts focus on how I look.  Now that is a normal occurrence.  What makes these stand out is their more positive nature.  Instead of beating myself up for my weight or appearance, I find myself admiring or at least accepting how I look.  For a few moments, peace with my body fills me.  

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Ten Tips to Saying No

Throughout my years of treatment, many men and women have expressed fear of telling others “no.”  This common theme for people struggling with perfectionism, depression, eating disorders, and other mental illness has also been a struggle for me.   Only slow steps toward self-care and self-respect have helped me to begin conquering this fear.

In previous posts, I have blogged about my anxiety when telling others “no.”  Although this post addressed my struggle, it did not give too many helpful tips that I have learned to counter this impulse.  So, I decided to make a list today of ten tips that I use when I need to say “no” to someone.

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