Feeling Good about the Food You Eat

Pasta dish

Feeling good about your food choices can be hard but is possible.

Food is an issue that fills many people with guilt. You want that extra cookie but would prefer that no one knows that. Yes, you finished the rest of the ice cream, but who would it help if you confessed that? Those potato chips might not be as nutritious as that banana, yet you shamefully eat the chips in the dark corner.

Usually, I feel very guilty about food. Recently, however, my groceries have helped me to feel healthy and excited about having a good diet. There are certainly moments of self-disgust but not nearly as many.

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Following a Meal Plan or Saving Money on Food?

Eating sweets with my friend Natasha

Eating sweets with my friend Natasha

Food is expensive. Buying it myself I have come to realize that. No longer can I throw hummus, vegetarian chicken, and protein bars into my mother’s cart and assume that we have the money for it all. Now, I must choose wisely what I am willing to splurge on as I get discounted bread, non-brand name cereal, and the cheapest apples possible.

This lack of funds for all food makes following my meal plan difficult. Fresh vegetables? How would I keep those good when I am running off to work? Buying a salad at work? Have you seen the price of salads? No thank you.

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One Thousand Thanks: 1119 – 1122. Disney at Night

Cinderella's Castle with fireworks over it

The fireworks over the castle

Yesterday, my friend and I went to Downtown Disney to see a movie and walk around the stores. Then, we went to the Magic Kingdom to see Celebrate the Magic twice, the Wishes fireworks, and the Electrical Parade. All of it was so wonderful. In fact, it was one of the best days in a long time. Here are some of the elements that I loved about it.

1119. The lights on Main Street -They are so beautiful especially when the park becomes less crowded

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Coping Skills: #83. Virtual Shopping

Japanese Money Tree

Money trees in the Japanese part of the World Showcase that I thought would be fun to get for Mario or another member of my family

Going to Epcot for the first time was wonderful. My lovely roommate Emily took me through the World Showcase. We wandered through shops, bought Disney pins to begin my collection, and oohed over wonderful souvenirs from around the world. I lapped up gelato from Italy, feasted on falafel wraps from Morocco, and wiped away patriotic tears at the end of the American show.

However, one problem that I had throughout the day was wanting to stop and buy things for my family, friends, or myself. There were Mexican treats for my sister Christine, French perfume for my sister Maria, a Chinese money tree for Mario, a huge German beer stein for my dad, Moroccan Turkish Delight from my friend Dawson, Japanese Anime for my coworker Katala,  German Santa Clause ornaments for my Aunt Mary and so much more.

That is not even starting to list all of the items that I longed for to use myself. Continuously, I stopped to ogle an item and thought, “I can come back later. I have over eight more months still.”

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A Beautiful Ray of Sunshine

Happy Easter Sunday

The sun peaks through all times of life.

When people passed me today and asked how I was doing, I honestly answered, “Actually, I am doing well today!”

After a rough week, today was a beautiful ray of sunshine and hope. The meeting with my dietitian and therapist went well, although I still am struggling even with a reduced meal plan. Shopping at Goodwill allowed me to find a few outfits for Florida. Then my class before Easter break was short but full of wisdom and deep emotion.

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Listaliciousness: Rainbow Surprises, Dancing Hats, and Big Eyes


Stream in the woods

Saying “I told you so” or gloating is not very kind. However, part of me feels like doing that in a non-malicious way. Just as I suspected, Into the Woods (which I just saw) was good but nowhere near as amazing as the stage production. There are some scripts that work better onstage than on film. That is simply how it is.

That being stated, I enjoyed seeing a movie again today. Yesterday, a bit of time was free which allowed me to go to a different show as you will see in my links. Read on to learn more about where I went and see the other things that interested me.

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Listaliciousness: Last-Minute Gifts, Mom Scolding, and Touching Apple Ad

Coffee shop

Customer service (like that at Cahoots Cafe) is hard but can be so rewarding.

Making customers smile at work to day by offering to help them unexpectedly reminded me why I love my job. Sure, there are many struggles. However, even a waitress can help make the world a better place by impacting others one by one.

Now that I am done with finals, work is picking up a bit. However, there is still time for my weekly links. Some are a bit funny while others focus on Christmas which is just around the corner! Hopefully, you enjoy them.

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Coping Skills: #65. Shopping

One Thousand Thanks: 388 - 398. Shopping Scores

Goodwill is one of my favorite places to find bargains.

This week, after putting off my grocery list for too long, I finally went to several stores. My needs were not to many, but the trip encompassed three different shops and took several hours. Thankfully, I was finishing up school break. However, doing this was oddly relaxing.

Shopping can be a coping skill sometimes. This is hard for me to admit because I struggle with both extremes of this activity. Normally, social anxiety and sensory overload keep me from malls or crowded places like grocery stores. When there, however, my escalated emotions cause me to start pull things off the shelf like crazy. Knowing how to find a balance is difficult. Yet, when I do, shopping can be a fun, invigorating activity that leaves me feeling accomplished.

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One Thousand Thanks: 588 – 598. Oxford so Far

Duke Humfrey's Library

I peeked into the ‘restricted section of the library’ or Duke Humfrey’s Library that was used in Harry Potter.

Being in Oxford has been like a dream come true for the most part. The people, the learning, the architecture, the history, the nature. . .I love it all so very much! Already, my thoughts have been consumed with ideas of how to return.

However, I want to enjoy where I presently am and by excited about that. Already so much has been happening. Thus, I will give you some of the highlights on this Thankfulness Thursday.

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Transformed by the Red Dress

Wearing the red dress for my friend's wedding

Wearing the red dress for my friend’s wedding

My freshman year of college was a downward spiral with my anorexia growing stronger each day. One dream that I thought of both to roll myself out of bed to face the day and to limit the food I consumed was treating myself to a red dress. The goal of losing enough weight to be worthy of this was constantly on my mind.

I hated clothing shopping until the age of 18. Even now, the process overwhelms as the store speakers blast music, clothing colors and textures make my head ache, and people jabbering frighten me. But as my freshmen year continued, I began to shop for clothing at Goodwill and other thrift stores by myself (no Mom involved) for the first time. This was some of the only free time that I had from homework. At first, buying new outfits was a necessity because of the changes in my body. However, I slowly began to like finding my own style and redoing my wardrobe. Despite the darkness in this time of my life, being able to blossom in this area and make my own fashion decisions was rather fun. Self-hate ate away at me as the anorexia intensified, but a new confidence in styling myself as a woman grew.

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