Am I Anyone without a Smile?

Some days, the smiles just don't want to come.

Some days, the smiles just don’t want to come.

From theater to Disney, my life has constantly been filled with places where I need to smile. I enjoy smiling. When I see others smiling, my heart feels lighter especially if I helped bring about their joy. I don’t mind keeping a smile on my face for hours on end when I see it positively influencing¬†others.

However, I sometimes feel more like crying than smiling. Then, I realize that people think of me as someone who always smiles. Who would I be without my smile? This haunts me.

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Pasting on a Smile

Eyore and me

Eyore sometimes fakes a smile.

Do you ever feel like you are just forcing a smile on your face, willing the corners of your mouth to turn upward?

The last few days have been like that for me. I am just faking it until things feel sunnier. If they ever do start looking sunnier…

Keeping up hope can be hard when you cannot even keep on a smile. However, it is possible.

So, here is a smile for you. All of you mean a lot to me and do put a genuine smile on my face. Thank you for that!

Sometimes We Just Need a Smile

Head pounding more loudly each moment, stomach clenching as I resist the urge to empty it, eyes longing to close for a moment’s rest – I am so ready to be done with this day. Right now, life feels unbearable.

It is days like this when I just need a laugh or even just a smile. Having a hug from my mother would be even better. Until Sunday, however, that will not happen. In lieu of that, here are some videos that made my heart happier if only for a moment.

Of course, a Shakespeare fan like me would love this classic scene. Plus, Kenneth Branagh is a brilliant actor and director.

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Top Ten Kinds of Smiles


My friend Christine from Oxford

“Did someone send you a nice text message?” My roommate just inquired. With a little laugh, I shook my head. However, her words stayed with me and made me wonder about smiles.

There are many types of smiles. We all grin, smirk, and beam for different reasons. This is rather confusing to me with Aspergers. I just want to know what is going on in someone’s head. Yet, there is also a beauty in the diversity of smiles.

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