For the Times When Others Don’t Get It – A Letter to Special Needs Parents

Olaf cupcake

Olaf reminds us to “Let it Go.”

This inspired me greatly. So often we judge or fail to forgive. This letter reminds us to be kind and let go of our pent-up anger.

Here is a link: For the Times When Others Don’t Get It. Enjoy and pass on this wonderful letter.

One Thousand Thanks: 306 – 319. Little Children

One Thousand Thanks: 306 - 319. Little Children

Little children can help lift one’s mood and bring joy.

Today started miserably.  Lately, sessions with my therapist have seemed pointless and uncomfortable.  Resentment about some of her comments or beliefs especially concerning food have built up in me.  After leaving early this morning to see her, I decided that I wanted to be done with counseling for good.

In a bad mood, I stomped into the daily chapel at my school.  However instead of having a speaker, our university was graced with a Christmas pageant by preschoolers.  Watching these adorable little children lifted my spirits considerably.

For years, people convinced me to be a early education teacher.  Although I realized this was not my dream, children still hold a special place in my heart.  So for Thankfulness Thursday, I am focusing on little kids.

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