Soothing Myself (as well as Allowing Others to Do So)

Kitty teapot

Having tea is a great way to calm down and relax.

Sorry about the late post again! Life has been so hectic and a bit stressful. I need soothing and calming so badly at times.

There are times when we all need to be soothed and comforted. However, asking someone else to do that is frightening. Perhaps that is even impossible for you because it seems as if no one cares.

Learning to soothe myself is something I am still struggling with doing. It is the little steps each day that make me better now than I was a year ago. Also, having great friends helps.

Here are a few tips of how I am able to soothe myself. Most of them are quick and helpful. In fact, I tried to pick ones that I used in the past few weeks.

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Coping Skills: #85. Take a Break from Work

Me sleeping

We all need a break.

Many times, work has been a helpful coping skill for me and others I know. You are distracted, busy, and hopefully doing something you are passionate about or helping others while meeting a goal. There are many benefits to working besides earning money.

However, sometimes we need to take a break from work as a coping skill. Perhaps you are burned out, physically sick, mentally exhausted, or emotionally drained. Maybe it is time for this coping skill then.

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Today’s Quote

Giant turtle and small gator touching

An alligator and big turtle that I saw together. What a showoff that would have been.

I saw this and knew that I needed to reblog it. My last few days have certainly been stressful. In fact, I nearly wanted to give up many times. “Why are you making me go through this, God?” I wanted to scream.

However, even these struggles are teaching me to be a stronger, kinder, wiser person. When I come to the end of them, I will face new trials. Yet, tools that I gained from facing my past ones will make it easier to deal with the new issues.

Soul Gatherings


A gem cannot be polished without friction,
nor a man perfected without trials.

~ Chinese Proverb ~

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My Mother’s…Er, Roommate’s Decree

Kaitlyn and Katie at the pet store

Kaitlyn and Katie at the pet store

My lovely roommates have decided that I must go to bed at a reasonable time tonight after not getting more than 5 hours of sleep per night for a week. We reached a compromise of before midnight. Thus, this post is rather brief because there is much to still be done.

However, I must say that I love my roommates. Sure, not staying up will be stressful. However, I need the rest to get my schoolwork done well and perform to the best of my abilities at work. Plus, not taking my medication for a couple of weeks is starting to make my thoughts really hard to manage.

Anyway, a big thank you and much love to my lovely roommate Katie for taking on the role of my mother. Also thank you to her accomplice Kaitlyn. I love you both! Having you as my roommates has  been such a blessing.

Finding A Release

Finding a release is a huge part of recovery. However, knowing what that is can be difficult. Still, release is a great coping skill – if one that is a bit abstract until you explore more skills. How do you find release? Writing, music, art, dancing, nature, running, boxing? There are many ways to do this.


Hello all,

I have recently picked my journal back up and have began writing. However, I hit a roadblock in my writings. Traveling back to discuss something that had a big emotional impact on my life 4 years ago was enough to make me put the journal down for a few days. I plan on writing my entries in here… with some give and take information. Writing is usually a very good release for me, as most times it is difficult for me to explain how I am feeling without becoming an emotional wreck (given the topic).

I hope that in your journeys through life you find something that helps you release (something legal that is). I find that writing helps us explore our emotions, thoughts and allows us to focus on a specific topic or just ramble. Because sometimes we need to just ramble about nothing.

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Bringing Back the Childlike Holidays

Holidays can be a season of brightness and joy. However, for those with depression, this time of year can be overwhelming. Instead of feeling cheery, you simply have to force a smile on your face. Even for those without mental illness, Christmas may be a difficult time of year.

When did this shift from joy to hopelessness happen? For many children, this season is a magical time of year filled with treats, religious hope, presents, family, and fun in the snow. What changed as we grew up? Who or what stole away the mysterious, jubilant, fascinating nature of Christmas?

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Top Ten Signs You Are Burned-Out

On the plane home from Oxford

Returning from Oxford, I was tired but not burned-out.

Working without breaks six days in a row before returning to college really drained me. I have tried to pretend that everything is fine and I can take on any task thrown at me. However, the reality is I feel like I am beginning to break down because of my workload and busy schedule.

Being overextended is part of the lives of millions. Our society convinces us that rushing from one thing to another is normal. Yet, that is not healthy. Look at the people who are constantly bustling from place to place without reflecting on where they have been or what they have seen. Do they seem more at peace or happy? Probably not. Then why do we try to force ourselves to mimic their lifestyles?

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Worry About Yourself

Caring for others is an important part of being a support person. To love your family member or friend who is suffering, you need to practice empathy and kindness. Show that you care about the well-being of your loved one.

However, worry can sometimes set in and cause guilt, stress, or the desire to control. Try as hard as you might, you cannot heal your loved one. He or she must take the steps forward in order to get into a better spot in life.

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The Merry-Go-Round in My Head Begins Again

British driving sign that say "Kill your speed"

This British driving sign states what I want to do right now.

Three Fridays ago, my brain whirled with pain as it spun in a mad circle while knives jabbed into it. For several days, I have felt much better if still a bit woozy and weak. Today, however, the agony returned.

Wednesday, just make it until Wednesday. That continues to replay in my mind. Then, I will be at the doctor again to have my labs drawn. Hopefully the results will be better, but I doubt that highly. Flashbacks to my freshmen year of college streak through my head. My eating disorder’s siren voices lures me into the ocean where I am sure to sink and drown if I continue to follow.

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Forcing Our Lids to Stay Open

One Thousand Thanks: 168 - 178. Sweet Sleep

Sleep is the best meditation. – Dalai Lama

Do you ever write and find that you are so tried that your lids refuse to even stay open? Every other thing that you type must be rewritten because it is misspelled. After a while, you wonder if you are really accomplishing anything.

Right now I am at that point. However, there is still much that I must accomplish today. For my internship, numerous hours must be logged in by midnight tomorrow. That is looming over my head.

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