10 Ways to Battle Nightmares

Baby in pajamas

“Those with the greatest awareness have the greatest nightmares.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Each night fills me with terror. Sleeping, which so many people seem to love, is one of my least favorite activities. Not only does it feel like a waste of time, it also brings awful nightmares.

Perhaps I am the villain one night, killing millions of people until everything around me is red. The next evening, a friend or coworker is kidnapping me. Almost worst are the nights when people tell me how they truly feel, how much they really hate me. Sometimes that is the hardest to hear.

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Soothing Myself (as well as Allowing Others to Do So)

Kitty teapot

Having tea is a great way to calm down and relax.

Sorry about the late post again! Life has been so hectic and a bit stressful. I need soothing and calming so badly at times.

There are times when we all need to be soothed and comforted. However, asking someone else to do that is frightening. Perhaps that is even impossible for you because it seems as if no one cares.

Learning to soothe myself is something I am still struggling with doing. It is the little steps each day that make me better now than I was a year ago. Also, having great friends helps.

Here are a few tips of how I am able to soothe myself. Most of them are quick and helpful. In fact, I tried to pick ones that I used in the past few weeks.

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Listaliciousness: Color Photograph of Pluto, Fandom Musicals, and Prom Dresses


Afternoon Tea

One week of performances down, one more to go. Only a little bit more time before finals and Florida. Everything is rushing past me. I feel like I am clinging to a palm tree during a hurricane. Hopefully, my arms will be strong enough to keep hanging on despite the wind.

This weeks links are a very interesting blend of various items. Hopefully, you will enjoy the list!
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Listaliciousness: Tea around the World, Logic vs. God, and Monster Traps

Mom and Mario in a cell

My mom and Mario went to visit a police station and sat in a cell.

Well, another week is beginning. This weekend was long but had some lovely moments. Seeing my family was wonderful although short. Mom, you are my hero. Dad, thanks for always making me feel happy and safe. Mario, you are my favorite ever.

Also, a huge shout out to the cast of Shrek the Musical. You are all so talented, and the show was in my top 10 that I have ever seen. I loved having a break to go back to the theater that is still my home in a way.

So, here are some links for you. Enjoy!

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Coping Skills: #70. Go To a Coffee Shop


Here is my tea from Cahoots which is one of the shops that I met a friend at this week.

Confession time: I have never drank more than a sip of coffee. Even then, that was barely a swallow. The desire to have this caffeinated drink (which would probably make me overly hyper and give me headaches) has never been very strong.

However, being in Oxford taught me to love coffee shops. Walking into a coffee shop can transport you into another world. The smells, air, noises, and general atmosphere are unique from other environments. Thus, sneaking away to one alone or with a friend can be a great way to cope with life.

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Listaliciousness: Afternoon Tea, The Positives of Flunking Exams, and Harry Potter Comics

Tolkien books

Tolkien books

Yesterday was thrilling at points. It was lovely outside, I went in a short hot air balloon, and Mario told me about the new garage opener. Seeing my family, if only for a few hours, was lovely as well.

Anyway, here is a list of links for you. As the previous weeks, they are diverse in topic and type. Hopefully you will find a few that you enjoy.

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