Recovery in the Media: #61. The Giver

The Giver

This film explores what a world without emotions, choice, diversity, and memories might appear.

61. The Giver

This novel by Lois Lowry has long been one of my favorites. Going into this film frightened me because I loved the book so much. The depth of the novel seemed like something that the cinema could never capture. However, my mother stated her love of the film after viewing it at my new job. From the first minute, the actors and script captured my attention. Although not exactly the same as the novel, this movie has the same central message and heart. Plus, it helped me to realize more clearly the theme of emotions being repressed because of the pain that they cause. This convinced me to write about the movie for Media Monday.

Synopsis: Imagine a world with no discrimination, worry, pain, danger, or bad decision making. That probably sounds perfect. Jonas has lived his whole life in such a place. However, when the teenager becomes the receiver who holds all past memories, he realizes his life for what it truly is – a prison where no one can make choices or feel true emotions. What is worse, the pain from the past or the half-life of the present? Jonas must decide not only for himself but those that he loves. Continue reading

One Thousand Thanks: 736 – 746. Meaningful Memories

Survival Guide to Being a Bridesmaid

Me with my friend Ruth and my sister Christine, her sister Teresa, and another friend

Today, I went to see The Giver at the theater I am working at now. It was amazing. Probably not as good as the book, but much better than I could have ever hoped for it to be. If you have time, please go and see this touching and uplifting masterpiece.

Anyway, it centers on memories that bring back emotions and things from the past. This made me think about my own memory. Mostly it haunts me. Yet, there are many elements and moments of beauty in my life. Thus, for Thankfulness Thursday, I am going to look at all of the wonderful memories that have stuck with me.

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Recovery in the Media: #29. The Giver

The Giver

Is it worth experiencing pain to have real emotions?

29. The Giver by Lois Lowry

Years ago, I somehow stumble across the short novel The Giver.  Curiosity caused me to give the book a try.  Instantly, the story sucked me into an alternate universe.  Even though I have read it numerous times, the emotions and depth in Lois Lowry’s work touches me every time.  I  decided to post about this book because of the way it addresses having real emotions, memories, and relationships in life even if they bring great pain.  Plus, this novel is cleverly written and thought-provoking.

Synopsis: Jonas seems like a normal boy for the most part.  Living in a utopian society in the future, people around the pre-teen appear happy with their lives.  Everyone goes through the same process; at each year, children accomplish different tasks and are allowed to do certain things.  At twelve, all children are assigned their jobs.  Later, the government puts couples together and grants them a baby girl and boy.  This is the way that society works, and no one questions it.  After all, no pain or disorder exists.  However, when Jonas receives the mysterious role of being the Receiver of Memory, everything in his life changes.  Suddenly, he must receive the memories – and emotions – from the old man who previously held the job.  As Jonas learns more about true emotions and possibilities in life, he must decide how to react to the dystopian society around him.

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