Collage of Me

Meeting Cinderella for the first time

Meeting Cinderella for the first time

Drawing, painting, and other forms of art have always been hard for me. Perfectionism makes me want to tear up everything that I create.

Collages, on the other hand, are simple enough for me to do and fun enough to keep my attention. I love looking through magazines to find images that represent someone or even myself.

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Today is the wedding! I look forward to being a bridesmaid for the second time in my life and being at my lovely friend Katie’s side. I just wish that I could spend more time with her and my mother.

Anyway, it is time for my links. Many are Disney themed today. Enjoy!

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Listaliciousness: Tom Hiddleston Moments, Sleepy Prayers, and Responding to Trials

Finals week is here! I just hope that I can get through it and be prepared to leave for Disney next Sunday. That being said, I will try to write a bit each day. However, some of my posts might be reblogs. On the positive side, that will let you read some material that touched me.

Here are some links. There are not 10 today, but I hope that you enjoy them.

  1. Halle Berry’s daughter raises money for charity with lemonade stand – What a cute idea! Children can be so considerate.
  2. Tom Hiddleston: Top 10 moments – He is a great man and wonderful actor. These made me laugh.
  3. Joining the Fellowship: Catholic Lessons from Tolkien – Here is another article that I wrote. The Lord of the Rings has so many deep lessons in it.
  4. Why Sleepy Prayers Have Value – Wow, I really need to remember this as I try not to doze off at Mass because I am so tired.
  5. Writers Are the Best Speakers – Interesting post. I never thought about it that way before.
  6. Responding to Trials – What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us.

Listaliciousness: Color Photograph of Pluto, Fandom Musicals, and Prom Dresses


Afternoon Tea

One week of performances down, one more to go. Only a little bit more time before finals and Florida. Everything is rushing past me. I feel like I am clinging to a palm tree during a hurricane. Hopefully, my arms will be strong enough to keep hanging on despite the wind.

This weeks links are a very interesting blend of various items. Hopefully, you will enjoy the list!
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I Am the Character

Books from OxfordLiterature was the first place where I began to identify with characters. That and movies. Suddenly, other women and girls who I admired were set in front of me. They became role models, whether they were supposed to be or not.

Theater was the next place where I was introduced to characters that I wanted to be. Her voice, her style, her life – they all were more appealing than mine. As I portrayed more females, I felt myself change.

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Listaliciousness: Hobbit Flying Safety, Dancing Priests, and Amy Poehler on Body Image Insecurity

My article trending on Google Entertainment

My article trending on Google Entertainment

Here I am ready to start another week! School, play practice, work, homework, sleep, forcing myself to do self-care – here I come. Many wonderful moments are ahead for me as are many difficult ones. However, I am trying to put on my best face and not despair. I preach hope for everyone but often forget to have it for myself. That needs to change.

The list of links this week has many Lord of the Rings related items (as I obviously love) as well as some about faith and fall foods. Some were written by me for my internship or another blog. Others were articles that really touched me or caused me to laugh. Post links to something that moved you this week to share. 🙂

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One Thousand Thanks: 736 – 746. Meaningful Memories

Survival Guide to Being a Bridesmaid

Me with my friend Ruth and my sister Christine, her sister Teresa, and another friend

Today, I went to see The Giver at the theater I am working at now. It was amazing. Probably not as good as the book, but much better than I could have ever hoped for it to be. If you have time, please go and see this touching and uplifting masterpiece.

Anyway, it centers on memories that bring back emotions and things from the past. This made me think about my own memory. Mostly it haunts me. Yet, there are many elements and moments of beauty in my life. Thus, for Thankfulness Thursday, I am going to look at all of the wonderful memories that have stuck with me.

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Top Ten Characters I’d Want On a Deserted Island

The stream and pond near our house

The stream and pond near our house

This post is a bit unique and perhaps off-topic. However, one of my biggest interests besides helping people in recovery is literature. In fact, for my Masters/Doctorate degrees, I am considering looking at how literature affects mental illness and what authors suffered from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other such illnesses. Thus, connections between books and the human psyche fascinate me. Because of that, answering The Broke  and The Bookish’s weekly blog topic appealed to me.

They asked on Tuesday’s post what ten fictional characters you would want to be stranded with on a deserted island. Thinking about this made me so excited that I had to write about it. Thus, here is a little look into my brain. This not only shows my tastes in literature but also how I view others, choose friends, and deal with hardship. Who you identify in books or films says a great deal about you as do the characters that you find attractive. Even if you are not interested in books, I suggest that you think about any fictional characters (in books, movies, or television) that touched or impacted you.

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One Thousand Thanks: 681 – 691. Poignant Films – Part Two

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite films growing up.

Well, it is Thankfulness Thursday again. Following up on last week’s post about movies, I am going to write about inspiring films that I am thankful for viewing. Since the first post highlighted my life to the age of 11, this one will begin when I was 12-years-old. Hopefully you will enjoy this list and find some new movies to watch. If you have some films that have touched your life, please leave their name in the comments. What are you thankful for concerning this type of entertainment?

681. The Wizard of Oz – I watched this at a much younger age. However, the character of Dorothy continued to grow on me as I grew older. One of my dream roles was being her in a show. The witch’s cackle terrified me, but listening to my father do her voice as well as the lion made this movie even better. Plus, as someone deeply depressed, this reminded me that my home was so important despite the fact that I longed to go to a fantasy world. (Age 12)

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My Precious Fork and Spoon

My Precious....

My Precious….

Gollum from The Lord of the Rings has always had a place in my heart.  Despite his murderous desire for the ring and loathsome appearance, I love this character and wish that he had a happy ending.  Deep down, he reminds me of myself.

People usually raise their eyebrows and laugh uncomfortably when I mention this.  So let me put your mind at ease.  I am not so attached to anything that I would murder someone.  My body image is not quite so bad that I think that I look like this creature.  And I certainly do not attend to bite off anyone’s fingers.

However, some similarities still remain.  Part of me tortures my more sensitive side, claiming that I am a monster who is unlovable.  Sometimes, I lack trust and rely on myself instead of allowing others in to my life.  If we all searched ourselves, we might find a bit of Gullom inside who constantly berates us while claiming to be the only thing that saves us.

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