You Remember Me?

Pluto and Santa Goofy

Pluto and Santa Goofy

“Did you take this class recently? Because I remember you saying you were looking forward to bringing your family to Walt Disney World for the first time.”

“You’re back? I so excited to see you!”

“You are going to work there, right? I have been following your journey on Facebook.”

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My Blessed, Magical Christmas Eve

Me with my pooh

The pooh that I was given

Just knowing Christmas is tomorrow was hard for me. All day, I felt lost and sad that I could not be with my family. Not only would my sisters, brother, and parents be celebrating, my dad’s parents and his family would be getting together as they do each Christmas Eve.

Thus, I went to Epcot feeling very down. “God, please let me have a magical moment today,” I prayed. “Please grant me some special love. I really need it right now.”

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Meeting All the Characters and What I Learned: Day One and Two

Meeting Pocahontas

Meeting Pocahontas

Recently, I wrote about why I like to meet characters. One of my favorite things to do in the Walt Disney World Parks is to meet everyone.

So, I am on a mission to meet all the characters. I am going to record that here and what I learned from each one. Animal Kingdom is the place that I began on Thursday, and Magic Kingdom was on Friday. Here are my first characters:

1. Pocahontas: I had never met her before and was a bit nervous. She was so kind though. First, she asked about my adventures. I noticed that a fan was blowing on her and said that I was happy that she had it to stay cool. A bit surprised, she thanked me and stated that it was a bit cold at times though. Then she said goodbye to me as her people would and thanked me for being so sweet. Her lesson to me was that you can be strong, independent, and kind. It meant a lot to me that she thanked me for caring about her because it was such a lovely connection. Continue reading

Why I Love Meeting Characters

Meeting Doug and Russell

Doug and Russell

One of my favorite things to do in the Disney Parks terrifies me. It is meeting the characters.

At first, I did not really understand the hype. Why would I want to?

However, meeting them has been so much fun and truly inspiring.

Meeting Pocahontas

Meeting Pocahontas

One of the main reasons that I like to meet the characters is that I feel like a princess. I feel beautiful, important, and worth noticing. Whether Cinderella compliments my dress or Pocahontas tells me that I am sweet, I actually believe these words. When Goofy kisses my hand and laughs or Buzz Lightyear takes my purse and sets it down for me, I feel like a lady who deserves the best treatment.

Meeting Santa Goofy

Meeting Santa Goofy

That is why I love to meet the characters; they bring me into the movie and make me a star, a princess, a person worth noting.

Graduation from Disney College Program

Graduating with Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie celebrated my graduation!

Today, I attended my program graduation. Although rather sad, this ceremony was mostly fun. Meeting with characters, eating normally, laughing with friends, and getting prizes were highlights.

Over the course of these past eight months, I have learned so much about Disney, working, friendship, and myself. Has the journey been painful? Yes, but worth each moment.

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