One Thousand Thanks: 1110 – 1118. Weddings Thanks

Being a bridesmaid at Katie's wedding

With the other bridesmaids and the bride

I never really liked going to weddings. Yes, they were pretty but also full of people, noise, and stress. Often, I became so anxious that I felt sick and begged my mother to let me stay home. However, being in Katie’s wedding was wonderful. About a year and a half ago, I wrote about my friend Ruth’s wedding and thankfulness. Here are more reasons that I am thankful for weddings.

1110. The bride and her father -Seeing them is one of the saddest but most touching parts of a wedding. It makes me cry more than any other part.

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A Welcome Break and Time with Mom

My mom and I standing in the airport before taking off.

Off to England with my Mom.

This morning, I embarked to Iowa for the wedding of my college roommate. Not only does this give me a little break from work, this wonderful experience also allowed me to stay with my mother in a lovely hotel. Just hearing her voice brings a smile to my face. Seeing her is even better.

Sometimes, we all need little breaks like this. Hopefully, you do not need to fly across the country for yours. However, there are times when you need to completely alter your location to have a new experience. That is what I have found today.

What is the last break that you took? What are some ideas for breaks that you could utilize?

Listaliciousness: Allergy-Free Plants, Themed Weddings, and Twitter Birthday Surprises

Ready for this weeks links? These are full of hope with the coming of spring, flowers, weddings, and babies. Funny how most of them seem to fit into that mood and category.

Before the list, however, I wanted to let you know that I feel bad about how moody I’ve been. Perhaps you haven’t noticed it, but maybe you did. This past week was difficult. Maybe this one will be simpler. If not, I will try to respond with more grace and optomisim than I have been lately. Thank you all for your support. That is one thing that I can count on even when the rest of my life melts into a gooey mess.

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It’s Just a Dress Size

Wearing the red dress for my friend's wedding

Wearing the red dress for my friend’s wedding

Yesterday, I tried on a bridesmaid dress for my roommate’s wedding. The radiant blue, flowing skirt, and classy style of the dress were wonderful. However, the size on the tag was much bigger than I had worn in a long time.

Right away, I began to panic and asked if the dresses were based on our measurements. Thankfully, my roommate said that the sizes ran different than normal dress sizes. Hearing this was such a relief.

Still, my first reaction made me curious and a bit embarrassed. Why is it that clothing sizes matter so much?

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Survival Guide to Being a Bridesmaid

Survival Guide to Being a Bridesmaid

Me with my friend Ruth and my sister Christine, her sister Teresa, and another friend Claire (order is Christine, Me, Claire, Ruth, and Teresa)

Yesterday, I was in the wedding of my best friend growing up.  Before she dropped me off, my mother comforted me with the fact that this special day would be both difficult and wonderful.  “Everyone is nervous at weddings,” she reminded me.  “Perhaps not as anxious as you  but all people experience some of what you are going through right now.”

She was right.  Watching my wonderful friend walking down the aisle through tear-filled eyes, jamming out to “Single Ladies” with her and the other bridesmaids one last time, meeting new people, seeing old friends who were practically family – the past two days brought many memories that I will cherish forever.  In comparison, the terror of eating in front of everyone, being the only bridesmaid to eat lunch, and all of the people making noise seems dull and unimportant.

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Coping Skills. #22. Playing the Part

Black and white photo of roses Today is the way that I have long awaited – my best friend growing up is getting married!  Not only am I excited to be there for her, I also will be a bridesmaid for the first time.  Although I knew that this day was approaching, everything seems rather surreal.  How is that I am at the age where friends are getting married?  Life slips by so quickly.

Despite my excitement, I am also terrified.  In the past, weddings have proved a huge challenge for me.  The last time that I stayed for the entire party was years ago.  Even then, I isolated for parts so that I could manage the stress.  So how will I make it through today without becoming too overwhelmed?

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One Thousand Thanks: 215 – 225. Wonderful Weddings

Black and white photo of rosesWeddings have been a huge part of my life the last month.  Coming up soon in November, I will be a bridesmaid in one as well.  As mentioned in a post earlier this week, weddings have often been difficult but wonderful experiences for me.  The idea of true love, devotion, and sacrifice makes me have hope in our world.  However the occasion is extremely overwhelming and anxiety-producing.

Thus, I decided to focus on weddings for Thankfulness Thursday.  I will think about current happenings as well as past ceremonies that I attended.  Also, the little elements of each wedding that are special will be listed.

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Wedding Weekend


Weddings are beautiful events but they can cause a great deal of stress.

This weekend was full of weddings.  First of all, my cousin got married on Saturday.  Watching her walk down the aisle looking like an angel was so happy but also sad.  For years, I viewed my cousins as role models and wished that I could be as beautiful, smart, talented, and mature as them.  Over the past few years, though, they have reached out to me.  Suddenly, they have become more than my cousins; they are good friends.

Anyway, she will be moving away into Canada.  Part of me aches for the growing friendship.  However I am also very happy for her.  Holding back me tears was difficult but I managed to do so because I was a reader.  My heart was full of so much bittersweet joy.

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