Listaliciousness: Minnesota oddities, Christmas trees around the World, and Antarctic Fish

My cat Princess sleeping

I just want to rest like Princess.

Sigh. There is so much to get done this weekend still. I am so exhausted but have a draining week ahead now. Maybe something in my life really should change. At least I was able to enjoy a great movie with my friend today (thanks Lydia!).

Anyway, here are some links after not having them last week. Enjoy!

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One Thousand Thanks: 966 – 976. My Home, Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota

“Why do we live here?” That has been the common compliant that I have heard lately from fellow Minnesotans. Sure, the weather is chilly and ever changing, our roads have pot holes when not ice covered, and people might not be nice all the time (as “Minnesota Nice” seems to claim). However, this state really does have positives.

Because this week has been especially cold, I decided to not complain about my home but affirm it instead. Sure, it is not Oxford, San Diego, or even Wisconsin. However, Minnesota is a wonderful place as this list will prove.

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Listaliciousness: Random Narration, Cinderella, and Christmas Continuation

Before I give my weekly list of links, there is something that must be said: People are not objects that can be laughed at or used without consent. Well, maybe we are, but that is not the way it should be. This does not matter if the other person is older, younger, a minority, not a minority, disabled, working for you, or different in any way. Especially pay attention to those who work in customer service. They are people, not objects.

End of rant. Here are some things (many still having to do with Christmas) for you to check out today. I hope you enjoy them.

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One Thousand Thanks: 422 – 432. Scenic Snowfalls

WinterFor Minnesota, snow is a normal part of life. We complain as we drive through the slush and ice but secretly take pride in our ability to face the cold weather. After all, winter is both beautiful and deadly.

Lately, many people around me are complaining about the snow.  I often feel annoyed with it as well.  After all, it creates dangerous road situations and chilly fingers.  However, I decided to look at the wonderful elements of it today on Thankfulness Thursday.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family – Confused but United

My family has always been a very important part of my support system.  In fact, without them I would probably not be alive.  At times, my love for them makes me want to run away because they deserve better than a messed up daughter like me.  However, abandoning them when they have stood beside me seems wrong.  Instead I attempt to show my love and appreciation for their support, care, and confidence.

Thus, the Weekly Photo Challenge at Daily Post about family resonated with me.  Pictures alone cannot fully capture what my family means to me.  Here are a few that give glimpses into who we are as a group – not just me alone or them without me but our entire family as one confused but strong unit.

Family in winter

Staying cozy in the cold of life

Summer family

Or laughing in the summer sun,

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Giving Me Hope for Humanity

Hands trembling with fear and cold, I wound my way up the entrance ramp near to school this morning.  In just five minutes, my car should be in the parking lot and I on my way to class.  Thankful for a safe trip in the snowy roads, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then disaster struck.  Invisible on the snowy road, hidden ice caused my tires to spin.  In a few moments, my car jetted across the ice, over the median, and onto  incoming traffic on the exit ramp.  Thankfully, no cars were too close, so I avoided hitting anyone.

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Coping Skills. #13. Pajama Day

Coping Skills. #13. Pajama Days  I am going to confess something – right now, I am still in my pajamas.

No, I did not just get out of bed.  Right before 8:00 this morning, I woke up completely and began my day.  However, since I have stayed in the house working on school, I have not yet put on street clothes.

The other day when I did this, my father laughed at me kindly.  “You are still in your pajamas!  That’s cute.”  Word to the wise: do not tease your young adult daughter about her clothing.  Needless to say, I was a bit cranky with my response.  Wearing pajamas was not so much a choice as a symbol of not having time to get dressed.  Feeling guilty about being lazy and ugly, I did not want anyone to remind me of my current attire.  Continue reading